House Clearance London

Need that old junk gone fast? You’ve come to the right place!

At Junk Collection, performing a full-service house clearance in London is what we do for our valued customers, every day of the year.

Whether you have a few items to remove or you’re dealing with an entire home, garage or shop, our London house clearance service can get the job done quickly and easily. No longer will you need to stress about hiring a lorry, finding a place to park it and then loading and unloading it yourself.

With Junk Collection, we take care of it all! Whether it’s books, clothing, household clutter, garage junk, furniture or anything else, our house clearance service in London takes care of it all. Whether you’re remodeling, moving, or just clearing out the old stuff to make your home more tidy, we’re here to help you out.

Here’s just a partial list of the items we can remove for you with our house clearance London services:

  • Kitchen hardware. Ready to remodel your kitchen? Need to get rid of the existing cabinets, cupboards, tiles, flooring or sheet rock? Look to Junk Collection to take it all away and leave you with a clean slate.
  • Bathroom materials. The same goes for your bathroom. We’ll take away the old cabinets or cupboards, as well as any toilets or other hardware that you’re looking to remove and replace. Get rid of old tile, flooring, mirrors or fixtures quickly and easily.
  • Garden goods. Do you have old greenery that you can’t remove on your own? Have an old shed that needs to go away? Whether you have garden furniture, sheds, or even yard waste the needs to go, let Junk Collection handle the job.
  • Building waste. We don’t just take care of house removal projects before the project begins; we also take care of your needs after the project is completed. Whether you have construction waste, concrete, sheet rock or any other type of waste from a recent building project, we’ll take care of it quickly and let you get back to enjoying your new renovated or recently-built space.

Image2When you work with us, you can be sure our house clearance London services will be fast and efficient — and we’ll ensure that the right materials get to the right place. If something can be recycled, we will get it to the appropriate recycling centre. If something can be composted, we’ll get that waste to the right place.

From whole trucks of rubbish to a few simple bags, we’ll sort through your goods and take care of them as they should be taken care of. In fact, up to 87 percent of your waste can typically be recycled!

Why break your back removing all those unwanted materials from your home or rental property, when you can get Junk Collection to come and take it away?

A cleaner, more sanitary home is what’s ahead when you hire Junk Collection for your waste removal project. Call us today to schedule your appointment 0800 002 9940 / 07949 712209.