Furniture Disposal London

furniture disposal london

Get expert help with furniture disposal in London, right here at Junk Collection.

When you live in a city as large and busy as London, moving furniture can be a difficult task. First, there’s the task of finding a lorry big enough to fit the sofa, beds, desks and shelving that you may need to remove. Then there’s the question of where to park the lorry. Next, of course, is finding the energy to actually lift the furniture and load it onto the lorry — which can be next to impossible, even if you’re young and able-bodied. Then of course is the challenge of finding the right disposal sites for all that old stuff.

With so many issues involved in furniture disposal in London, why go it alone? At Junk Collection, we have a far easier way. Just let us handle the job for you!

Our expert team of movers and lifters will come to your home or business, removing everything you want gone with very little fuss at all. We’ll save you the back-breaking lifting, as well as the worry about parking, parking tickets, and lorry rental. And perhaps most importantly for the environment, we’ll see that anything that can be recycled will be taken to the appropriate recycling centre!

Now doesn’t that sound like a far better way to handle furniture disposal in London, where getting around with a huge lorry can be difficult and expensive?

We think so! And not only do we handle furniture removal in the city itself, but we’ll also come to your home, business, office or warehouse in nearly any part of the Southeast, helping you to remove desks, office furniture, mattresses, sofas, dressing tables, or any other materials that you no longer want or need.

Have a full house of stuff that you need gone? Our London furniture disposal team is standing by to help you get rid of it! Whether it’s truly junk or it’s furniture that can be salvaged or recycled, we will come pick it all up and get rid of it for you. From household furniture to office stuff, we can take care of it all.

Have just a few large items that are taking up room in your house or garage? Whether the job is a big one or a small one, the team at Junk Collection is ready to handle it with ease. We’ll bring in an entire crew for a large job, or simply send a team of one or two for the smaller ones. For the really big furniture disposal London jobs, we can even send multiple vans to get all of the goods in the shortest, most efficient time frame possible.

Why waste your precious time on the furniture disposal London jobs that have been handing over your head? Just give Junk Collection a call today, and the clutter and waste you no longer want will be out of your space before you know it.

Our furniture disposal service quotes are very competitive and affordable, so if you would like a to check out our current availability, or book your rubbish removal service in London call the Junk Collection Removals Team today on Freephone: 0800 002 9940 or Mobile: 07958 014089.